Chimney Services

We undertake chimney rebuilds and repairs to ensure they are fully functioning, sealed and are able to withstand outdoor elements. Over the course of time, chimneys are vulnerable to damage and leaks which can have an effect on your property. Therefore, it is more important than most people realise to ensure your chimney is in good working order. You can count on our team to carry out regular chimney repairs and inspections, as well as repointing, relining, removal and capping. For our chimney services in Ilfracombe or a surrounding area, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Signs Your Chimney Needs a Repair

Just because your chimney is at the very top of your property, doesn’t mean that it is a worry-free element that needs little attention. In fact, it is important to check your chimney regularly, as a damaged chimney is a serious fire hazard. Your chimney may be in need of a repair if you notice the following signs:

Chimney Repairs

Whether you require a chimney rebuild, reline, repoint, removal, capping or vent, flue or stack repair, our highly skilled roofers have a wealth of experience ensuring chimneys are in full working order. If you have noticed your chimney doesn’t look as it should, you should contact us at your earliest convenience to avoid more severe, costly repairs. For a free quote, just give us a call.

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For chimney rebuilds, repairs, repoints and more in Ilfracombe or a surrounding area in North Devon, get in touch.

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